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HAHN, I. (Honduras)
HAHN, I. (Hungary)
HALL, T. (United Kingdom)
HARBORNE, J. B. (United Kingdom)
HARBORNE, J.B. (United Kingdom)
Harmens, H., Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Environment Centre Wales (United Kingdom)
HAURY, J., UMR "SAGAH", INRA·INH-Univ. Angers. 2 rue Le Notre, F-49045 Angers Cedex (France)
HAVEMAN, R. (Netherlands)
Hayes, F.
Heathfield, D., World in a Box, Karkkila (Finland)
HEGG, O. (Switzerland)
HENNEKENS, S.M. (Netherlands)
Hernández-Cordero, A.I.
HODA, P. (Albania)
Holland, V.
HORVATH, F. (Hungary)
HRUSKA, H. (Italy)

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