Species Importance in Coastal Dune Ecosystems in Northern Turkey

Burak Sürmen, Şenay Ulu Ağır, Hamdi Guray Kutbay, Ali İmamoğlu


Species importance in coastal dune ecosystems in typical dune zones in Black Sea Region on the north of Turkey were studied by using species conservation index (SCI) approach. SCI scores were significantly differed among dune zones. Additionally coastal dune species were compared by using seven different criteria (geographic distribution, life span, growth form, conservation status, commonness, the utilitarian and the ecological importance). All of the studied criteria were found to be significant for studied costal dune species. All of the studied species were moderate to high importance. The highest mean SCI score was found in E zone, while Xanthium strumarium subsp. cavanillesii and Digitaria ischaemum had the lowest SCI scores and both species occurred in A zone. The highest SCI scores were found in Imperata cylindrica, Eleagnus rhamnoides and Jurinea kilea. The highest SCV values were found in embryonic-shifting or primary dune, while the lowest SCV values were found in drift line zone. There were significant differences among coastal dune zones regarding selected criteria.


Central black sea region; Coastal sand dunes; Conservation values; Disturbance factors; Dune zones; Species conservation index

DOI: https://doi.org/10.13133/2239-3129/16746

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